Microcapsulation Specialities

Addition of microcapsules to cement and concurate formulations improves the termal efficiency of building blocks
Polyurethane Systems
The system entegration of the microcapsules to flexible and rigid polyurethane systems evolves isolation capacity
Microcapsules can be added to the polyurethane dispersion, acrylic and resin based coating formulations to advance saving energy and reduction of CO2 emission
Microcapsulation offers great opportunities for the improvement of textile products by introducing additional compounds such as fragrances, dyes, insect repellents, antimicrobials and phase change materials


HEC Chemicals providing the experienc of the R&D abilities for the Industiral partners. The experience and huge network among the undustrial partners, HEC Chemicals offers the project manegments for local and international R&D activities.

R&D Service

Innovation today has become an over exploited word in the start-up and entrepreneurial world. For HEC Chemicals, the true meaning of innovation is when you identify and accept the prevailing challenges or needs of the industry, markets or societies and focus research and development to produce the best possible solution in the form of product or services to fill the gap. We specificly follow up the trends and the key requirments of the market to provide the best solutions with the best efficiency.